Storyboard Action

September 11, 2019By Jenny Smith3D Design, Illustrations & Art, Visuals

Storyboard action with 3D modelled background and hand-drawn foregrounds. The setting for this assault-course style scene is as much part of the story as the character telling us who she is with her actions. I built the factory in Vectorworks which allows me to fly around the set and find interesting angles to tell the … Read More

Symmetricanimals – Mandrill

November 26, 2018By Jenny SmithIllustrations & Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenny Smith ( I’m a bit obsessed with drawing mandrills lately. I love their vibrant colouring and conflicting grumpy expressions. I drew this one in Procreate, using the symmetric tool.

My Music Cloud Installation

September 18, 2016By Jenny SmithIllustrations & Art, My Own Brief

So here’s one I thought of for a music-based cloud – wax pencil on a group of CD cases. For me, the brittle acrylic material captures the delicate nature of a physical cloud in the sky, and the use of CD cases and wax reference the music industry from two bygone ages.

3D Lettering in Illustrator

September 23, 2013By Jenny SmithMy Own Brief

  For me, believable art & design comes from good observation. While developing my new identity for Boodoo, I wanted to create an etheral, theatrical effect by simple means. I created this letter B with 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator from a standard font (Gotham), and by observing how light & shadow behaves as it … Read More

Shard Launch Concept Design

July 5, 2012By Jenny Smith3D Design, Visuals

Initial visuals for concept design of The Shard event, entitled “Reflecting London”, a firework and laser light show based on Renzo Piano’s vision of the “Vertical City”, where all aspects of London are represented within the building and London Bridge Quarter. During the narrative of the show, light from all across London converges at the … Read More