Storyboard Action

September 11, 2019By Jenny Smith3D Design, Illustrations & Art, Visuals

Storyboard action with 3D modelled background and hand-drawn foregrounds. The setting for this assault-course style scene is as much part of the story as the character telling us who she is with her actions. I built the factory in Vectorworks which allows me to fly around the set and find interesting angles to tell the … Read More

Symmetricanimals – Mandrill

November 26, 2018By Jenny SmithIllustrations & Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenny Smith ( I’m a bit obsessed with drawing mandrills lately. I love their vibrant colouring and conflicting grumpy expressions. I drew this one in Procreate, using the symmetric tool.

My Music Cloud Installation

September 18, 2016By Jenny SmithIllustrations & Art, My Own Brief

So here’s one I thought of for a music-based cloud – wax pencil on a group of CD cases. For me, the brittle acrylic material captures the delicate nature of a physical cloud in the sky, and the use of CD cases and wax reference the music industry from two bygone ages.