Storyboard Action

September 11, 2019By Jenny Smith3D Design, Illustrations & Art, Visuals

Storyboard action with 3D modelled background and hand-drawn foregrounds. The setting for this assault-course style scene is as much part of the story as the character telling us who she is with her actions. I built the factory in Vectorworks which allows me to fly around the set and find interesting angles to tell the … Read More

Symmetricanimals – Mandrill

November 26, 2018By Jenny SmithIllustrations & Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jenny Smith ( I’m a bit obsessed with drawing mandrills lately. I love their vibrant colouring and conflicting grumpy expressions. I drew this one in Procreate, using the symmetric tool.

GREAT Festival of Creativity

June 22, 2014By Jenny Smith3D Design, Visuals

3D design, visuals and detail drawings for the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Istanbul for Jack Morton Worldwide. Visuals were created in Revit, then modified in Illustrator to create a less formal line type, then Photoshop. I have tested the new lines styles in Revit 2016 which would stop the need for the Illustrator step!

Sony Exhibition Design

June 23, 2011By Jenny Smith3D Design, Visuals

Exhibition stand design for Sony. Concept design for demonstrating the new depth of field capabilities of the camera range. A central podium shows a performer and various hanging elements for a ring of cameras to focus on at differing distances. Sketches, hand drawn visuals for concept development then Studio Max visuals and Photoshop for atmosphere.