Visual Development

Set design and development for storylines then rendering in Cinema4D and hand-drawn elements in Photoshop. Hand lettering and lighting and smoke effects in Photoshop.  

Concept Design

Sketch visuals of 3D Designs for the How and the Why stages For looser sketches, see hand-drawn visuals

Portraits In Development

Parallax Portraits started as a way to develop new skills in C4D. We now have the outline overarching storyline spanning millennia, and are developing several character-driven stories of various lengths.

The Prisoner

Interrogator Amber Dusle is sent to a secluded research facility, deep in the Begaris desert. Her mission is to uncover the truth about a mysterious healer, but she soon discovers everyone there has something to hide.

Outpost 17

Outpost 17 Nuya, The Biologist, has been working at the Lyndana Research Facility for many years. She hasn’t heard from Evie in days.

Falling For You

In this short story, we first meet Nuya, The Biologist, as a young lady. Set in her home city of Saristair, we catch a glimpse of what will become her lifelong motivation: to save lives.