Architectural Concept Design

Arena presentation space concept design. Standing, seated and workshop spaces as part of the layout for various levels of engagement. Courtesy of

Retail Design

Store design and detailing for Chinese retail brand. Courtesy of

Sculptural Design

Reception & Installation Design Reception design including chandelier installation for the head office of 3. Animation techniques in Cinema 4D, stopped in motion for sculptural objects with implied movement. Courtesy of

Retail Design

Store design and detailing for Chinese retail brand. Courtesy of

Versatile Spaces

Office designed to maximise a very long and thin footprint. Design based around a ribbon. Courtesy of

Concept Design

Sketch visuals of 3D Designs for the How and the Why stages For looser sketches, see hand-drawn visuals

Retail Design

Wall and tabletop display design and rendering for a French retail brand. Courtesy of

Set Design

Set Design for a live event based on a gymnast’s ribbon. Multiple levels on the stage and a 40m long main projection screen with two ribbons for projection mapping. Modelled in Vectorworks.

Storyboard action

Storyboard action with 3D modelled background and hand-drawn foregrounds. The setting for this assault-course style scene is as much part of the story as the character telling us who she is with her actions. I built the factory in Vectorworks which allows me to fly around the set and find interesting angles to tell the … Read More

Event Concept Design

Concept design for a launch of a new basketball shoe. Having a Cathedral as the venue implies reverence and awe, but with a modern twist. Traditional lighting and neon signage highlight the architecture. Hanging signage showcases the products. See a 360º render here

Pop-up Installation Design

Pop-up Installation for a jeans manufacturer designed and visualised in my sketchy style. I visualised this installation design in Vectorworks.

Concept Design

Initial visuals for concept design of The Shard event, entitled “Reflecting London”, a firework and laser light show based on Renzo Piano’s vision of the “Vertical City”, where all aspects of London are represented within the building and London Bridge Quarter. During the narrative of the show, light from all across London converges at the … Read More