What has pottery got to do with Experiential Design?

My personal passion is live events where performance meets digital meets exhibition and I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge with a visitor in its most effective form.

Experiential design is all about feeling.
Moving people.

In my view, there are a large number of tools available to me as a 3D Designer to feed that aim.

The architecture of a space allows a structured timeline for an immersive journey, and an opportunity to tell a sequential story.
The story is at the heart of any convincing human interaction, which can be enhanced by a multitude of traditional media - lighting, sound, live actors - and more advanced media - projection mapping, VR, AR, digital and social media.

But then the interesting bit comes in.

Where we start to really connect to a space or a brand is with the bits we touch - materials, textures, fabrics and planting.

Pottery, to me, screams touch me! feel me! and when we do, it is at that moment we can choose what that close-up, personal ceramic message contains.