Jennifer Smith

Freelance 3D Designer, Visualiser & Illustrator

I'm a creative and passionate 3D Designer, Visualiser & Illustrator, with a wealth of experience across a wide range of media. Based in London, I have been a designer for over 18 years and I specialize in Experiential Design.

Phone: (Zero)7714284608


Hand drawn sketches and visuals using good old fashioned pen and paper
Pen and paper visuals with colour added in Photoshop
Hand drawn visuals with Photoshop imagery and textures
Illustrations for large scale printing in Adobe Illustrator
3D Rendered visuals in Studio Max with additional lighting and atmosphere in Photoshop
Vectorworks visuals, built in 3D then exported as 2D flat drawings
Design and visuals in SketchUp
3D line drawing visuals in AutoDesk Revit
3D line drawing visuals in colour in AutoDesk Revit
3D model in AutoDesk Revit gets output as 2D drawings
Front end web design with Photoshop